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Gutters are more important than you think! 

Water can be very damaging to the structure of your house, your roof, foundation and exterior siding of your home can be penetrated by the smallest amount of water.

What might begin as a small amount of water over time can cause a lot of damage if it is allowed to continue. Once water penetrates the outside of your home it will not take long before it enters the interior and starts to cause visible damage.

So what do gutters do?

  • Gutters are used to direct water from your roof

  • They Help to deter water from basements, walks and patios

  • They help to keep the exterior of your home clean by keeping mud, sand, and water from splashing onto your exterior

  • Divert damaging water away from the base of the house. Rain water can be to irrigate gardens and landscaping.


Water left standing on your roof can lead to structural damage and leaks into your home’s interior.

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